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This book will give you an insight into those study secrets which Genius never share. This priceless wisdom is not for everyone.

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BrainGyan Academy conducts Memory Mastery & Student NLP workshops to teach accelerated learning. Our missing is to make Everyone A Super-Learner

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BrainGyan Academy developed 'Memory Mastery | Secret To Crack Any Exam (Hindi)' online course. More than 400+ students across the world enrolled.

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Currently, in India, every 1hr one student committed suicide, most of them due to exam pressure and depression. BrainGyan Academy conducts Memory Mastery & Student NLP workshop to help students memorize 10x times faster and manage stress, phobia using NLP techniques.

Our Mission is to make everyone A Super-Learner.

Trust me! Our Brain Loves Fun.
Lets Make Everyon A Super-Learner.
14Years Experience
5000People Benefited
20Free Workshop Conducted
500Online Students

Why Memory Mastery & Student NLP?


Anything 10X Faster
(And Make it Stick in Your Memory).

Never Forget

a Name, Face, Speech or Number Again. Learn the secret of unlimited memory


your confidence as you maximize your success in every area of life. Break the Limiting Beliefs.


your learning speed by 2x or 3x. Train your brain to Memorize facts, or concepts instantly

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